A Strange Phenomena..

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Throughout the world over the past couple of years, strange noises have been reported. From Ukraine to Mexico, they all have had local people confused and worried as to what they are, where they originate, and why they are happening at all.

Its a phenomena that has had me wondering and I have been keeping an eye out on its development since i first listened to this clip from Ukraine a few months back. It was recorded in Ukraine on the 11th August, 2011.


This video was recorded in Russia in August, 2011..:


Still in Russia, same place, same time, different location:


This is the most recent video to come out, which pretty much prompted the creation of this article. It was recorded in Conklin, Alberta on the 12th January 2012..:


There are loads more videos and recordings out there to be heard.. simply type “strange sounds” into YouTube, or Liveleak.com etc, and you will more information to help you decide..

Im going to begin to speculate what the noise is, or what it could possibly be, but i do think that this information is worth putting out there so you guys can, always, make up your own minds about it.



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