Posted: September 23, 2010 in CONSPIRACIES

I grew up watching Disney films… and so did my older sister. Come to think of it, my niece and nephew (12 and 8 years old) are growing up with this ‘garbage’ right now…! So when i came across this latest conspiracy theory, i was stunned. Stunned to realise just how far the attempts of the elites to control and influence the masses go. They clearly know no boundaries, and this is a classic example of it.

Take three minutes out of your day to watch this video:

Right about now your thinking one of two things: “This is just pure coincidence”!?! Or maybe “hmmm… im going to need a little more before i believe any of that.”… Check this out:

Coincidence STILL you say?! If there was MORE of this sort of thing, it would……:

And just in case you wanted more, there is this:



As always…You lot make up your own mind.


Each one teach won

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